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What is Health and Wellness Coaching?


Almost every time I tell someone that I am a Health and Wellness Coach I get the same response. “What is Health Coaching?”



Health and Wellness Coaching  is a new concept that emerged from the need to focus on the prevention of disease rather than the treatment. As health costs rise globally, there is need for a lifestyle change to embrace wellness. Wellness is a multidimensional concept that means living life with high levels of self-acceptance, awareness, connectedness and purpose. It is the higgest element of the Illness-Wellness contintuum.


Health and Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching is the application of the principles of Professional Life Coaching for the achieve the goals of lifestyle imporvement. It is a process that focuses on healthy and sustainable behaviour change. Its success is based on the realtionship between the coach and the client, when the latter is challenged to develop accountability and use their inner wisdom to turn their dreams and goals into action. 


A video describing 6 important steps in Connectedness, which is a psychological term that refers to all things that bind people together. Every person is an individual but is also connected to others and the environment.

As published in the online wellness magazine Wellness In Dubai (


A video describing “How to Develop a Positive Outlook” as published in the online magazine Wellness in Dubai” (




Foundations of Health And Wellness Coaching




The Health Coaching Model

Some of the steps that are followed by the health coaching model are the following:

  • Foundation of relationship
  • Motivational Interview
  • Wellness Vision
  • Goal Setting


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What a Health and Wellness Coach can help you with?





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