A huge thank you to all my clients who took a few moments to write their kind words on this page! Any new feedback or ideas are welcome, simply by filling in the website’s contact form https://healthcoachingforyou.com/questions-thoughts-bookings


Maria, 37, finance manager

Christie has been extremely helpful!  I was at a low point in my health and mood; really needed help to change. I was so stressed out! Christie was able to focus on what was most important to me, asked insightful questions that helped me form a plan that worked for me.  I never felt anything but support during our sessions; and between talks, used her suggestions as motivators, which were so effective.  The turning point was when I managed to eliminate my stress levels and focus on more meaningful things for me rather than waste my energy stressing. Thank you Christie!


Jayne, Self-employed and mother of 2

I worked with Christie to help me manage my time productively.  As a single working self employed mother , my life could be quite stressful.  Christie had a calm and pleasant manner , which put me at ease instantly.  She helped me plan out my time much more productively , so I got more done in less time. This has had a positive effect on my life and Wellbeing. Christie asked me questions that I had not even thought about, which were very helpful. Coaching with Christie has made a difference to my life and how I do things.


Kiara, Account Manager

Christie has been a very inspiring coach. I started out being a bit hesitant about whether health coaching will work for me but wanted to try it out. Christie set out clear goals for each of our sessions, gave me a lot of things to think about in between and made me realize why and how I can successfully achieve it. I faced some difficulties for sure but Christie was persistent enough and could often find different ways to get me on board. She understood my situation and goals very well so was able to adapt according to my needs. Thanks to Christie, I achieved my goal and this has helped me approach other circumstances in a similar way.

Thanks a lot! 


Kostas, Financial Analyst

Having never experienced coaching before, I have to admit to being little nervous about it. But I had reached a point where I was under achieving, allowing stress to take over my life. I had lost my confidence in myself and the people I love were complaining about my behaviour. Christie guided me thoughtfully towards a different outlook. I looked forward to my sessions wondering what discoveries I would make about myself that day. I also learnt about accountability, having a Life Vision and connectedness. Christie was always calm and professional ready to help me with a smile. Since my sessions I have started enjoying my life again. I feel calmer and more confident. I strongly recommend coaching to all my friends and they are very happy with my progress.