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Christie Miliordou – ICF Certified Health and Wellness / Life Coach


Hello, I’m Christie, and I’m an ICF Certified Health and Wellness Coach with a Master’s degree in Health Management and I have been helping various individuals deal with challenging circumstances in their lives. Whether your aim is to obtain a better work-life balance, deal with anger issues, or manage your weight, I can help you by setting new goals, creating positive habits and achieving great results. Enhancing one’s life is a process that focuses on healthy and sustainable behaviour change and this is exactly what we will do together. I offer discounts on packages booked that are three months or over. If you are feeling depressed, unable to control negative emotions and want to live your best life possible, please get in touch. Hope to hear from you soon. 


My story

My name is Christie and I was born and grew up in the beautiful, coastal suburb of Glyfada, in Athens. Over the years I created a strong interest in human behaviour and physical and mental wellbeing. As a result, despite my pre-arranged family future of becoming a lawyer, I decided to study psychology instead. Following up on my BSc in Psychology I pursued further education in CBT Psychotherapy. However my personal therapy was on the Rogers’ client-centered model which fascinated me and made me admire and respect Carl Rogers and his work. As a result I started focusing on a more synthetic approach with my clients, which I found more helpful for them.

Apart from psychology, I have a Masters Degree in Health Management and a CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing which led me to work in managerial roles in Athens and London. Overall, I have been in healthcare since 2006 either as a psychologist, supervisor or a manager.

The well-known “Greek crisis” and the lack of opportunities in my home country made me decide to leave Athens and relocate to London back in 2011. Anyone who has changed their life so drastically could share the way I felt about it. Tough decision but I had to support it all the way, even when things went wrong.

Despite the obstacles, today, 5 years later, I see myself managing a successful Harley Street practice and at the same time studying to become an ICF Certified Health and Wellness Coach, on a course accredited by the Institute of Healthcare Sciences in association with Real Balance USA and the International Coach Federation. This degree follows up on a previous Diploma in Anger Management Coaching and Consultancy from which I graduated a few years ago. 

I chose coaching over psychology since I wanted to abandon the role of the “expert” and become an ally instead. I would rather be the guide than the person who has all the answers, since I strongly believe that each one of us is the expert on themselves. Studying coaching has helped me improve my life and wellbeing and I would be very happy to see this positive impact on your life too!

Feel free to contact me with your questions, thoughts, ideas. I am here to help you!






  • Volunteering activity

Current: Diabetes UK (https://www.diabetes.org.uk

Past: King’s College Hospital (https://www.kch.nhs.uk/about/get-involved/volunteering)

Cancer Research UK (https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/happy-feet22)

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (http://ftbc.gr)

Race for the Cure (http://www.greecerace.gr)

Hellenic Society for Multiple Sclerosis (http://www.gmss.gr)


  • I am also supporting the following charities/causes:

Boroume – reducing food waste and fight malnutrition in Greece (http://www.boroume.gr/en/)

Hamogelo tou paidiou (http://www.hamogelo.gr)

Fashion Revolution (http://fashionrevolution.org)

PETA foundation (http://www.petafoundation.org)