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Is sugar hidden everywhere?

A new health risk


No this is a savoury food, it can’a have sugar!! Well it can…and believe it or not, more than a chocolate bar. The sad truth is that after the “Less fat revolution” most companies had to reduce fat on their products. This would result in an unattractive product that would not taste as good. In order to avoid this and the consequent fall in sales, they decided to increase sugars. This would make their product tasty again leading to a generation of happy consumers and the creation of another major health enemy, this time sugar.

Sugary foods

The high number of processed foods that surround us tend to have a high amount of sugars. Even the “innocent” foods, that are supposedly healthy, like cereals, canned tomato soup are quite high in sugar. Sugar leads to fat increase in the body, obesity, liver disease, tooth decay, diabetes etc. It is hidden in most of the foods and is also addictive.  Our brain naturally perceives sugar as a reward, giving a similar response to drugs like cocaine. On top of there is the habit of consuming sugar in the morning, after lunch, after dinner, in social occasions. Natural reward and the power of habit create a very powerful and hard to beat situation.

WHO recommendation

WHO recommends a daily consumption of 6 tea spoons of sugar per day for optimal health. This equals to 25gr. This might sound a lot but considering that some people will put 2-3 of those teaspoons in their coffee or tea, this means that the rest of their daily foods should have a maximum of 3 teaspoons in total. Not easy at all! Also, if a can of Coca Cola is equivalent to 7 teaspoons, then the daily amount has already been exceeded without even touching food.

The solution to this global issue is to start consuming natural sugars, such as fruits and try to avoid sugar in processed foods. This involves a huge dietary change as well as opposition to mass media advertising. The attitude of reading food labels could work as a good start in this effort.